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Fence & Gates Ltd. specializes in end-2-end solution with regard to fencing and installation of gates. We have the skillset to manufacture custom-made fence and gates, and installed with the option of an electrical operating system and security entry system of all types.

We have licensed technician and electrician to handle your electrical security system.

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Hal Dodge heads the operations of Fence & Gates Ltd. He comes with 45+ years of experience in welding, fabrication and installation of fences and gates. He has the experience and expertise of having installed fences ranging from a couple of feet high to even 40 feet high. The success of Fence & Gates Ltd. can be attributed to the following qualities that Hal & his team possess:

  • Innovative Designs

  • Taking up challenges

  • Determination to get projects completed in a timely manner

  • Never-say-No Attitude

  • Excellent Customer Service

Hal has a team of experienced professionals from the field. They have successfully teamed up to deliver multiple projects across GTA.

Fence & Gates Ltd. operates in Acton, ON. The facility is equipped with to handle all types of fabrication.